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6 Pack of the 26 oz Catfish Crack Dough Bait

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Did you know that Catfish Crack is freezer safe?  That means ordering in bulk makes more sense.  Keep one in the fridge and ready for the day you want to go to the lake and put the rest in the freezer for later use.  It keeps the same consistency for up to a year.  Also, you can order a six pack of dough bait and ship it for less than it takes to ship 2-26 oz jugs individually.  Not to mention we are offering the six pack at a discounted rate. Only 8.34 a jug when you order 6-26 oz jugs.  If you are a dedicated fisherman like we are then you know what its like to have everything ready when that time comes to head to the water.  Having a supply of Catfish Crack at your fingertips will keep you from going to that dreaded bait store before you go.  As always too Catfish Crack is a no stink, all natural, kid friendly dough bait that will last longer on the hook than any other bait you have ever used and wont sink up your hands or the boat using it.  Order yours today and you will thank yourself later.