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7 LB Gallon Bucket of Catfish Crack Cheese, Garlic and Blood Punch Bait

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We are now offering our Catfish Crack Cheese and Garlic Punch Bait in the 7 LB gallon bucket.  Wanna save on shipping and buy in bulk?  Here is your chance.  Everyone has those extra containers laying around.  Why pay for all that bulky shipping when you can just take out what you need and save the rest for later.  Have some friends that fish too?  Get them go in and split the cost.  Our new punch bait is causing quite a stir in East Texas and we are very proud of it.  We ship all orders within 24 hours Mon-Fri USPS or UPS, 2 and 3 day transit.  Order yours today!!!  Thanks for making our little bait business a huge success.  God Bless and Be Safe.