Catfish Crack Cheese and Garlic Punch Bait

If you like the punch bait style of fishing then you need to try our Catfish Crack Cheese and Garlic Punch Bait.  A special blend of cheese and garlic and other attractants catfish are getting hooked on.  Available in 10 ounce pints, 20 ounce quarts, 3 pound 1/2 gallon buckets and 7 pound gallon buckets there is surely a size that will fit your fishing needs.  From rivers to lakes to private ponds our punch bait has been tested and is becoming a staple for most all boaters.  Don't forget to pick up some of our signature bait holders too.  Specifically designed to assist in catching those ones that would normally get away.  Available in 1/0 Circle or #4 Treble hooks for what ever your desire.